Had a good start to the new year as I did SOP and the recent homework given (900 malas of OMPH by 14 Feb 2010) for the past 2 days.

1 Jan 2010
Did SOP at Yongsheng’s house. I still feel the numbness on my back especially when I did GT, Heart Sutra, OMPH and GYFM, though the feeling was stronger in my own house. During the OMPH portion in SOP, we chanted 10 malas while kneeling down. Took around 30 minutes. Knees were sore, painful and red after that. When doing GYFM, my back was aching a lot. I also burped a little during and after GYFM. Managed to clock around 35 minutes. Thereafter, I also tried to do DG for 10 minutes. My ling kept pulling my arms to the back, so I was either walking backwards, or had my back bent backwards most of the time. Will be good to join the DG exercise in some open-air field one of these days, as I can’t walk very much backwards at home.

Before sleeping, I completed another 10 malas of OMPH. Must sustain everyday…

2 Jan 2010
Did SOP in the evening. Today, while doing GYFM, my back still hurts, but not as bad as yesterday. I burped much more today. Especially after chanting mala after mala of OMPH. My burping is alike hiccups, not a lot of air coming out.

Qn for MR: Are the burps and hiccups a sign of the negative energy coming out? Or is it that after so many rounds of chanting, I was just gasping for breath?


[The most excellent exclamation of praise]

Vajrasattva’s Samaya:


O Vajrasattva, protect the Samaya


May you remain firm in me

Grant me complete satisfaction

Grow within me (increase the positive within me)

Be loving towards me

Grant me all the siddhis

Show me all the karmas (activities)

Make my mind good, virtuous and auspicious!

[The heart essence, seed syllable of Vajrasattva]

[Symbolises the four immeasurables, the four empowerments, the four joys, and the four kayas]

HO :
[The exclamation of joy at this accomplishment]

O blessed one, who embodies all the Vajra Tathagatas

Do not abandon me

Grant me the realization of the Vajra Nature

O great Samayasattva

Make me one with you

[Source: http://www.palyulproductions.org/100_Syllable_Mantra_-_Vajrasattva_Prayer_v2.pdf%5D
[For a more detailed translation, go to http://jayarava.blogspot.com/2009/10/hundred-syllable-vajrasattva-mantra.html%5D

Did half of SOP from GT onwards (wanted to practice it slowly, also, not a convenient time to take incense and to do 供香). Felt warmth and numbness on my back again. The numbness was strong when I was chanting OMPH using 金刚念诵法 and while doing pranic breathing. Today, I managed to do GYFM for slightly longer, about 35 minutes. Back was still aching, but I tried to persist longer. During GYFM, I felt something pull me behind, such that for quite a while, my balancing point was at the edge of my butt. When I tried to sit properly, I get that pull again. At one point, while sitting in that unbalanced position, I felt a strong and warm pressure at both side of my back, slightly beneath the shoulder blade. It was a very distinct and warm feeling.

I think I also felt my 3rd eye chakra, but it was just a mild tightness around my forehead, somewhere in between my brows. There was no throbbing, but the tightness lasted some 10 minutes or so.

Have not been updating my blog as I was busy with preparing for the new year and stuff. Also, I am taking some time to read up on Heart Sutra. I got some books from Fu Lu Shou (there are some shelves for distributing Buddhism books). Currently, I’m reading this 《般若波罗蜜多心经》– 释本光著。This 86-page book provides a thorough interpretation of the Heart Sutra in Chinese. There are a couple of pages of interpretation for each liner in Heart Sutra. I find it easier and more meaningful to understand something when I am practising it. It is by no means an easy read, not so much for the Traditional Chinese characters but more so of the cheemness in the theory and Buddhism philosophy. I have only read half the book but don’t think I manage to grasp the full meaning of all that I am reading. Nonetheless, it is a much recommended read.

Let me know if anyone wants to read this book. I should finish in another week’s time. 🙂

Tried 供天、PJHS and GYFM last night. Don’t know whether I did correctly. Anyway, true enough, I felt quite restless after about 10 mins into GYFM. A bit hard to sustain.

Moreover, I experienced backaches during the process. The aching feeling felt like I just ran 2.4km. 很酸。Cannot take it. Went to sleep. Then, I felt sharp pain at my 雪山 area, around the tailbone. 酸痛的感觉。Why is it like that? 😦

First time at healing session. After setting in place the necessary (供水、供香 etc.), the “to be healed” were asked to silently chant OMPH, while visualising the healers and others sitting on lotus flower.

Eugene was my healer. It was not long (less than 5 mins) into the process when my body felt an urge to sway from left to right. Though it was a mild movement, I could hardly resist the movements. After some 15 mins or so, my body was swaying front and back. There was also a point in time (I understand from Eugene later that he was working on my 3rd eye chakra), when my head tilted backwards as I continue the front-back motion. My muscles felt tired with all these movements but I could hardly remain still.

Around 40 minutes or so into the process, MR came over and said,”我帮你开雪山,可能会有点痛,你忍一忍。” He then asked me to do the red marble visualisation exercise. When I was visualising the red marble spining around my “dan tian” area, I was pretty amazed I could actually feel the warmth there! I didn’t really experience any pain, but I am also not sure if I am doing right. Had a little problem visualising vividly, sometimes the feel is not there. So… I also don’t know whether my 雪山 has opened or not.

After the healing session, Eugene had a debrief with me. Told me he felt I was tired and had a lot of thoughts on mind. Also that my waist and knee areas may have some problem. Hmmm, it was interesting after he explained about the shape of my aura etc. He also taught me how to do 供天,GYFM and PJHS, and patiently answered some of my queries. Thanks Eugene!

Gotta try out all these new stuff tonight. 🙂

Was out with Yongsheng for dinner last evening. He sat adjacent to me at the restaurant. We were sharing a little about our 灵 experience. At some point, I could feel the needle-pricking feeling at various parts of my body again, quite randomly.

For a few times when there was body contact with Yongsheng, he was also being “pricked” by me. At some points, the pain was alike being 电到 or被针刺到! He said it was actually quite painful, machiam static electricity passing through. Luckily that didn’t lasted for long after we left the restaurant.

Hmmm, wonder if this is normal (I sometimes also have this slight 触电感 with some friends) or a result of my 灵 pricking feeling being transferred to others? I don’t want to go around pricking people!! 😦

At night, did the usual pranic breathing and 动功. There’s some new movements today. More of bending backwards and leaning forward. When leaning forward, I felt my arms were lighter and swaying in a swirling motion, pretty rapidly.

After the pranic and 动功, I did pranic for another 10 mins before sleeping. Experienced tightness in my back as usual. MR said it was the 雪山 (snow mountain) working but as my 气 is blocked, my back was reacting instead, as the 气 could not flow through properly.

Then, I remembered reading wer wer’s blog on the activation of 雪山 during one of the lessons and she was saying it could be dangerous to try this on your own as it might even lead to paralysis! I suddenly became quite fearful as my back was acting up… Will I be able to handle this as I felt the back tightening further when I visualise a ball of heat flowing down to the 雪山 area?? The pressure was strongest right at the centre of my back.

Then, I felt an urge to swirl my body, while sitting down. The next movement, my body was swirling around in a clockwise motion… From left to front, to the right and back. Was swirling for a while till I feel a bit giddy. It was like exercising my abdominal muscles. As it was around 2am plus, I stopped and to sleep shortly after.

While doing pranic breathing last night, I felt my throat chakra for the first time. It was not immediately felt though. I had the same pins and needles feeling on my back quite immediately when I started. Body felt warm, pins poking the sole of my feet, back of my hand, on my cheeks, on my scalp, all over.

I got up to do DG after 20 mins. Movements were pretty slow. And the movements were better felt when I closed my eyes. I kept doing the “play mahjong” style. My hands can’t really rise beyond my shoulders. Felt pins too, but to a smaller extent than while doing pranic.

After 15 mins, I sat down to do pranic again. This was the time I felt my heart chakra (I first experienced this a week ago) and for the first time, the throat chakra. It was not the whole throat area. It was somewhere around the edge of my left collar bone. 1 finger away from the centre of my throat. The area felt around the size of a 20-cent coin. It was tightness. Pretty amazing.

I understand that what I felt was my ling energy. I can’t help but wonder whether it was some other external energy working on me (which is pretty scary). How can we differentiate between our own ling energy and that which comes from externally? Appreciate advice, pls.


原文是“古之欲明明德于天下者;先治其国;欲治其国者,先齐其家;欲齐其家者,先修其身;欲修其身者,先正其心;……心正而后身修,身修而后家齐,家齐而后 国治,国治而后天下平。”大意是说:古代那些要使美德彰明于天下的人,要先治理好他的国家;要治理好国家的人,要先整顿好自己的家;要整顿好家的人,要先 进行自我修养;要进行自我修养的人,要先端正他的思想……思想端正了,然后自我修养完善;自我修养完善了,然后家庭整顿有序;家庭整顿好了,然后国家安定 繁荣;国家安定繁荣了,然后天下平定。

Source: http://www.chinaqigong.net/zhihui/xiuxin.htm



灵修,一个我最近才熟悉的词汇,含义之深,非我至今所能深刻理会。我的灵修之旅,于今年的9月末不知不觉地开始了。开始时,念的是 Om Ma Ni Peh Meh Hong, 为的是化解业障,对冤亲债主忏悔。怎知,我每次开始念时,背部都有麻麻的感觉。后来,从MR口中,得知我已经启灵了。

11月中,第一次到灵宗堂。之后,MR让我每天做pranic breathing。每次做时,都感觉背部冒汗,也一直有那麻麻的感应,近期更象是有几十个小针刺我的感觉。昨天晚上的针刺感更是让我不舒服。也不知是自己的灵的反应,还是什么外界的东西。于是,sms MR向他请教。MR说是好现象,但也意味着我的身体弱,气血不能顺畅流通。也对,我一直以来都有这方面的问题。这星期天将到灵宗堂做healing。