While doing pranic breathing last night, I felt my throat chakra for the first time. It was not immediately felt though. I had the same pins and needles feeling on my back quite immediately when I started. Body felt warm, pins poking the sole of my feet, back of my hand, on my cheeks, on my scalp, all over.

I got up to do DG after 20 mins. Movements were pretty slow. And the movements were better felt when I closed my eyes. I kept doing the “play mahjong” style. My hands can’t really rise beyond my shoulders. Felt pins too, but to a smaller extent than while doing pranic.

After 15 mins, I sat down to do pranic again. This was the time I felt my heart chakra (I first experienced this a week ago) and for the first time, the throat chakra. It was not the whole throat area. It was somewhere around the edge of my left collar bone. 1 finger away from the centre of my throat. The area felt around the size of a 20-cent coin. It was tightness. Pretty amazing.

I understand that what I felt was my ling energy. I can’t help but wonder whether it was some other external energy working on me (which is pretty scary). How can we differentiate between our own ling energy and that which comes from externally? Appreciate advice, pls.