Was out with Yongsheng for dinner last evening. He sat adjacent to me at the restaurant. We were sharing a little about our 灵 experience. At some point, I could feel the needle-pricking feeling at various parts of my body again, quite randomly.

For a few times when there was body contact with Yongsheng, he was also being “pricked” by me. At some points, the pain was alike being 电到 or被针刺到! He said it was actually quite painful, machiam static electricity passing through. Luckily that didn’t lasted for long after we left the restaurant.

Hmmm, wonder if this is normal (I sometimes also have this slight 触电感 with some friends) or a result of my 灵 pricking feeling being transferred to others? I don’t want to go around pricking people!! 😦

At night, did the usual pranic breathing and 动功. There’s some new movements today. More of bending backwards and leaning forward. When leaning forward, I felt my arms were lighter and swaying in a swirling motion, pretty rapidly.

After the pranic and 动功, I did pranic for another 10 mins before sleeping. Experienced tightness in my back as usual. MR said it was the 雪山 (snow mountain) working but as my 气 is blocked, my back was reacting instead, as the 气 could not flow through properly.

Then, I remembered reading wer wer’s blog on the activation of 雪山 during one of the lessons and she was saying it could be dangerous to try this on your own as it might even lead to paralysis! I suddenly became quite fearful as my back was acting up… Will I be able to handle this as I felt the back tightening further when I visualise a ball of heat flowing down to the 雪山 area?? The pressure was strongest right at the centre of my back.

Then, I felt an urge to swirl my body, while sitting down. The next movement, my body was swirling around in a clockwise motion… From left to front, to the right and back. Was swirling for a while till I feel a bit giddy. It was like exercising my abdominal muscles. As it was around 2am plus, I stopped and to sleep shortly after.