First time at healing session. After setting in place the necessary (供水、供香 etc.), the “to be healed” were asked to silently chant OMPH, while visualising the healers and others sitting on lotus flower.

Eugene was my healer. It was not long (less than 5 mins) into the process when my body felt an urge to sway from left to right. Though it was a mild movement, I could hardly resist the movements. After some 15 mins or so, my body was swaying front and back. There was also a point in time (I understand from Eugene later that he was working on my 3rd eye chakra), when my head tilted backwards as I continue the front-back motion. My muscles felt tired with all these movements but I could hardly remain still.

Around 40 minutes or so into the process, MR came over and said,”我帮你开雪山,可能会有点痛,你忍一忍。” He then asked me to do the red marble visualisation exercise. When I was visualising the red marble spining around my “dan tian” area, I was pretty amazed I could actually feel the warmth there! I didn’t really experience any pain, but I am also not sure if I am doing right. Had a little problem visualising vividly, sometimes the feel is not there. So… I also don’t know whether my 雪山 has opened or not.

After the healing session, Eugene had a debrief with me. Told me he felt I was tired and had a lot of thoughts on mind. Also that my waist and knee areas may have some problem. Hmmm, it was interesting after he explained about the shape of my aura etc. He also taught me how to do 供天,GYFM and PJHS, and patiently answered some of my queries. Thanks Eugene!

Gotta try out all these new stuff tonight. 🙂