Have not been updating my blog as I was busy with preparing for the new year and stuff. Also, I am taking some time to read up on Heart Sutra. I got some books from Fu Lu Shou (there are some shelves for distributing Buddhism books). Currently, I’m reading this 《般若波罗蜜多心经》– 释本光著。This 86-page book provides a thorough interpretation of the Heart Sutra in Chinese. There are a couple of pages of interpretation for each liner in Heart Sutra. I find it easier and more meaningful to understand something when I am practising it. It is by no means an easy read, not so much for the Traditional Chinese characters but more so of the cheemness in the theory and Buddhism philosophy. I have only read half the book but don’t think I manage to grasp the full meaning of all that I am reading. Nonetheless, it is a much recommended read.

Let me know if anyone wants to read this book. I should finish in another week’s time. 🙂