Had a good start to the new year as I did SOP and the recent homework given (900 malas of OMPH by 14 Feb 2010) for the past 2 days.

1 Jan 2010
Did SOP at Yongsheng’s house. I still feel the numbness on my back especially when I did GT, Heart Sutra, OMPH and GYFM, though the feeling was stronger in my own house. During the OMPH portion in SOP, we chanted 10 malas while kneeling down. Took around 30 minutes. Knees were sore, painful and red after that. When doing GYFM, my back was aching a lot. I also burped a little during and after GYFM. Managed to clock around 35 minutes. Thereafter, I also tried to do DG for 10 minutes. My ling kept pulling my arms to the back, so I was either walking backwards, or had my back bent backwards most of the time. Will be good to join the DG exercise in some open-air field one of these days, as I can’t walk very much backwards at home.

Before sleeping, I completed another 10 malas of OMPH. Must sustain everyday…

2 Jan 2010
Did SOP in the evening. Today, while doing GYFM, my back still hurts, but not as bad as yesterday. I burped much more today. Especially after chanting mala after mala of OMPH. My burping is alike hiccups, not a lot of air coming out.

Qn for MR: Are the burps and hiccups a sign of the negative energy coming out? Or is it that after so many rounds of chanting, I was just gasping for breath?